Volunteer oR INTERN for Women's International Center

Send an e-mail with your name, phone, e-mail address, areas of interest to team [@] wic.org and/or call 858 759 356seven

Whether you can spare one or a few hours a year/month/week/day, the world via Women's International Center needs YOU!

If you have a special interest or talent that you do not see listed here, please let us know. We believe that organizations flourish when particpants choose and enjoy what they contribute. Women's International Center strives to cultivate a positive, supportive, open, forward-looking, and transparent operational model that encourages communication (which includes listening and understanding) over secrecy and behind-the-scenes activity.

Some current Women's International Center internship and volunteer positions include:
Director of Environmentalism, Sustainability and Green Initiatives - may recruit Team members for support
Fundraising Events Coordinator
Fundraiser Program Coordinator
Customer Service Representative
Ticket Sales Coordinator - may recruit Team members for support
Marketing Coordinator - may recruit Team members for support
Volunteer Coordinator - may recruit Team members for support
Online Administration - Newsletter, Email Correspondence, Contacts Coordinator
Public Relations including Press Release Coordinator and Writer
Living Legacy Awards Recipient Biography Writers
Web - Blog Contributors and Social Networking Affiliates
Database Maintenance
Scholarship Research to identify worthy recipients of scholarship funding

Women's International Center iToes (Instructional Tools for Online Education) Network creators - including creating, locating and getting permission to post more online resources that women internationally may use, assuming they have a web connection, and/or also resources that schools k-12 internationally may use.

Volunteer positions for Living Legacy Awards Gala include:
Event Coordinator, Living Legacy Awards
Sustainability Supervisor
Press Release Coordinator & Team
Memorabilia Gallery Coordinator & Team
Memorabilia Program Coordinator & Team
Silent Auction and Raffle Coordinator & Team (Collection and display of items)
WIC Membership Sales & Memorabilia Program Sales Coordinator & Staff
Event Team, Miscellaneous
Producer and Editors of Living Legacy Awards DVD
Day of Living Legacy Awards (Feb 22, 2014):
1. Registration Support
2. Silent Auction Support
3. Ushers
4. Stage Assistants
5. Last Minute Purchases Facilitator
6. Videogrpaher
7. Photographer
8. Sound / Audio Coordinator
9. Computer Technical Assistant to Supervise Video Presentations
10. Signer to interpret event into sign language


Supporting Information on Interning and Volunteering for Women's International Center:
To volunteer for the Women's International Center, please send an email to team [@] wic.org. We have a WIC legal waiver forinterns and volunteers to sign. The list of volunteer activities above is only a partial list, since we are a growing organization and we are always open to new ideas and opportunities made available to us that we can help promote. We celebrate our interns and volunteers and have watched some move from volunteer work at the Women's International Center to heading up film festivals and becoming independent health professionals, and more. Women's International Center cannot guarantee volunteer safety, so volunteers are responsible for their choices, and if volunteers prefer providing simply phone support - for example - this is a helpful contribution to our organization's needs.

Brief History:
The Women's International Center Living Legacy Awards were founded when Gloria J. Lane was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she wanted to make her life's mission to honor women. She currently resides in the La Jolla Nursing and Rehabilitation home and her advanced disease keeps her from being able to conduct business online and on the telephone to the extent that she would like, so a team of us around her keep the organization going. More on Gloria: http://web.me.com/uromastyx.studio/WIC/bio05/GloriaJLane.html The Living Legacy Awards have been presented to more than 200 ground breaking individuals from around the world whose good works have benefitted society. What presenting an LLA to someone means to our organization is the pride of knowing we are one of the oldest groups to honor women and that we bring together like-minded people unified behind the celebration of women's good works.

Volunteering and Interning for Women's International Center and Foreign Assistance:
In past years we have had a larger operating budget. More recently, we have focused mainly on our Living Legacy Awards and funding scholarships that include programs that help at risk women, for example KOFAVIV and Helia La Jeunesse's Women Victim to Victim. We do have active relationships with various international affiliates that are run by either partners or Living Legacy Award recipients, for instance Jean Colarusso's Friends of the Poor in Mexico and Nigeria. Below are some organizations that we refer volunteers to:

Here are some of the current refugee projects we refer Women's International Center volunteers to:
Project Refuge founded by Dory Beatrice, in support of Somali and East African refugees: http://www.projectrefuge.org (Rotary International is a Women's International Center Outstanding Organization Award recipient)
Alliance for African Assistance: http://www.alliance-for-africa.org/volunteer.php The Alliance and Women's International Center were partners of the La Jolla Playhouse in 2010 in support of relief work on behalf of women victims of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Helping women who are victims of domestic violence:
License to Freedom: Women's International Center Outstanding Organization Award recipient. http://www.licensetofreedom.org/index.htm Stopping domestic violence in refugee and immigrant communities in San Diego County
Women's Resource Center - Volunteer Training http://www.wrcsd.org/howToHelp/helpVolTrng.htm Women's International Center Outstanding Organization Award recipient.

For health-related volunteer work:
Sharp Hospitals (Mary Birch for Women, Mesa Vista, Vista Pacifica etc) - http://www.sharp.com/jobs/volunteer-opportunities.cfm

Education using Spanish:
Americas Foundation - Founder Christine Brady Living Legacy Award recipient, Americas Foundation builds and operates the La Esperanza Schools in Tijuana to help children develop their talents - http://americasfoundation.net/volunteering.php

Thai language activities:
Organizing Thai Meetup Groups for Language and Culture: http://www.meetup.com/sdthailanguageandculture/

Union of Pan Asian Communities in SD UPAC Serving the Asian, Pacific Islander and Other Ethnic Communities of San Diego County http://www.upacsd.com/volunteer/
San Diego Asian American Repertory Theatre occasionally has volunteer needs http://asianamericanrep.org/

Educational Programs:
The Women's International Center does not have a physical building and is essentially a network of individuals connected virtually online. While in the past we had hoped to raise funds to build a center, we now prefer to use existing spaces in the interest of going green sustainably by reducing construction and protecting the environment. We do not teach reading and writing as a specific program of te Women's International Center, but do provide online teaching materials via our iTOES network (Instructional Tools for Online Education). We also support educational institutions via our scholarships, for instance to The Americas Foundation in Tijuana and the William Kupiac Academy for Girls in Nigeria. Since we do not have a formal class structure via Women's International Center, we do not teach women's rights or feminism specifically as a subject, but by doing what we do - recognizing and encouraging women and individuals who have made a difference in support of women worldwide - our mission is feminist and in support of women's rights worldwide. We want to grow our educational programs at WIC and one of our main objectives is to provide educational resources on the web via Women's International Center's iTOES Network.

Showcasing our Living Legacy Award Honorees:
By showcasing our many Living Legacy Award honorees, we hope to inspire others to emulate the brave examples of heroic women and men, like Mary Alice Hill, http://www.speakermary.com, former SDSU Athletic Director - 1st woman athletic director in US, at Colorado State - who helped get first sports scholarships to women as part of Title IX. We recommend listening to to Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook, on women in the work force, she explains that women need to negotiate strongly going in to jobs in order to reduce the wage gap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18uDutylDa4

Counseling via Women's International Center:
We provide some public support in the form of psychological counseling of trauma survivors, refugees, domestic abuse survivors, and more. Dr. Sailaja Pasupuleti is our principal counsellor, she can be reached through encinitashealing.com. We do not solely refer people to others, but do, for instance, highly recommend organizations like License to Freedom in El Cajon to Middle Eastern women coming to or already in San Diego, since License to Freedom is the only Arabic language domestic abuse educational resource in San Diego, as of 2011, to our knowledge.

Women's International Center has representatives elsewhere, but San Diego is our headquarters. We are growing chapters abroad and have active dialogues with chapter directors in Shanghai - China, Taipei -Taiwan, Rio de Janiero - Brazil, Lille - France, Utrecht - The Netherlands and elsewhere.

Bionic Sisters Productions:
BSP is an online marketing company and independent record label that has helped Women's International Center for many years increase its web presence and outreach as well as provide internet support. http://.www.bionicsisters.com BSP has done promotional work on behalf of clients like the World Trade Center, French Chamber of Commerce, Asian American Repertory Theatre and others, which increases its ability to bring more exposure in an international arena to the objectives, scholarships, and TOES Network of the Women's International Center.

Intern Profile: Sacha Vignault

Photo of InternComing to us from the Université de La Rochelle in France and SUNY Cortland, Sacha Vignault is an international relations student who has recently spent time studying in Spain and New York. Motivated by a desire to support the goals of the Women's International Center as well as to improve her own language skills, she was awarded an internship with the Women's International Center with which she has spent the last year of her Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Languages 2012-2013.

Her skills include accounting, economics, management, and research and she speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Her knowledge of the world is vast given her travels internationally to destinations including Canada, Guadeloupe, Egypt, Poland, Spain, Tunisia, and many states in the US. She has work experience with the BB Confiserie in La Palymre, France, as well as with Les Jardins de St. Laurent Hotel & Restaurant, in Parthenay, France and with Bionic Sisters Productions in California, USA. Whether she works independently on projects or on a multi-tasking team, Sacha is dedicated, goal-oriented and organized.

During her internship with the Women's International Center, she helped consolidate our data base, expanded our international outreach, regularly maintained our social networks with carefully researched posts about subjects of international interest, published various articles about Fair Trade and practical business models for women in third world countries. She provided valuable assistance to our Spotlight on Women Speaker Series planning and event execution, augmented our iTOES Network (Instructional Tools for Online Education), participated in a Social Networking and Best Email Practices educational seminar, and supported the Women's International Center publicly at events including the Southern California Motion Picture Council and the Women's Conference. We are grateful to the San Diego French American Chamber of Commerce and to the European American Enterprise Council for assisting us with international internships. We express our sincere thanks to Ms. Vignault for her far-reaching assistance this year.

If you are interested in interning for the Women’s International Center, please contact team[@]wic.org

Volunteer Profile: Sarah M. Quincy

Motivated by her strong support of the Women’s International Center’s mission to ‘acknowledge, honor, encourage and educate women’, Sarah has served as Executive Volunteer Coordinator for the Women’s International Center.

Sarah currently works as an Administrative Assistant for ProTec Building Services in the Facilities Maintenance Department. She focuses on logistical coordination for building engineers at over twenty-five downtown condominiums. In winter 2010, Sarah was appointed San Diego Repair California Director. She opened the San Diego Campaign Office, directed, recruited and trained employees for a statewide budget reform campaign. In fall 2009, when Sarah returned to San Diego with her Masters in International Human Rights from the London School of Economics, she worked as a Contract Law Clerk for Attorney Binh Bui at the American International Practice Group in San Diego. She researched legal regulations and composed and presented legal business-oriented guidelines to clients.

Immediately following her Masters in London in 2007, Sarah interned at Human Rights Watch in Geneva. She contributed by reporting, analyzing and composing reports about United Nations Human Rights Council member states’ policy changes during United Nations Human Rights Council sessions. Passionate about reporting and improving human rights, Sarah also interned at the International Federation of Human Right in Paris in 2007. Surrounded by French colleagues, she investigated, composed and presented reports about Sudanese and Chinese human rights policies in French and English. In preparation for her Masters degree, in 2005-2006, Sarah worked in Washington D.C. as Research Assistant for a diplomatic columnist. Sarah conducted in-person interviews with foreign ambassadors and state officials. She also contributed to writing and editing ambassador profile articles for The Washington Post, The Washington Diplomat and The Washington Life. Shortly after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and French Literature from U.C. Santa Barbara in 2003, Sarah worked as an Administrative Assistant for Campaign Media Analysis Group. There, she collected and tracked political advertisement data from televised and printed political advertisements.

During her time with the Women's International Center, Sarah expertly coordinated multiple volunteer applications, spoke publicly about the Women's International Center to a group at Rotary International, and provided vital assitance with the launch of the Spotlight on Women Speaker Series. In addition, she has been a key organizer of the Living Legacy Awards ceremony providing crucial support at the event at Registration and with the Silent Auction. We are very grateful to Ms. Quincy for her time with the Women's International Center.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Women’s International Center, please contact team[@]wic.org.

For more information: 858 759 356seven