Women's International Center Living Legacy Awards 2012

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2012 Living Legacy Award Honorees

Patricia West Del Ruth and Thomas A. Del Ruth, ASC - Cinema

Lucy C. Lin
International Music

Chairman Heng-Tzu Hsu
Mary Lyons, Ph.D. Education

Ashley Gardner

Mary B. Maschal

Velina Hasu Houston, Ph.D., Literature

David Straus Architecture

Randal Malone, Co-Emcee Southern California Motion Picture Council

Lee Ann Kim, Emmy Award-winning
Co-Emcee from SDAFF

Special Guest Appearance by
Margaret O'Brien

Legendary Actress from Little Women
Our Celebrity Host




Gloria Lane, Ph.D.
President, WIC

Sally B. Thornton
Co-Chair WIC LLA

Bridget McDonald, Ph.D. CEO WIC

Marianne McDonald, Ph.D. Co-Chair WIC LLA

In Support of Women's International
Center (501c3) Education and Sistership Programs

WIC President Gloria Lane
andCEO Bridget McDonald
Welcome You!

27th Annual Living Legacy Awards

World-Class Music, Brief Retrospective Videos, Star-Studded Evening with Highlights of the Birth, Growth and Future of WIC
Always in Honor of Past and Current LLA Honorees
Who Inspire New Legacies...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

at Crowne Plaza Hanalei, San Diego Hotel Circle
5:30-8pm including four-course Dinner

For over 27 years the Women's International Center has honored ground-breaking individuals from around the world who are making a big difference. We bring together hundreds of people to celebrate the accomplishments and lasting contributions of women, men, and organizations. Our honoree list of over 300 people is a veritable Who's Who of global innovators and humanitarians. Please join us this year for an unforgettable evening.

Celebrity Hosts: Legendary Actress Margaret O'Brien
(Little Women) and Film Star Randal Malone President, Southern California Motion Picture Council, Co-Emcee with Emmy Award Winning Lee Ann Kim, San Diego Asian Film Festival

Co-Chaired by Sally B. Thornton and Marianne McDonald, Ph.D.
- Each to Receive Founder's Award

Presenting our 2012 Living Legacy Award Honorees:

Ashley Gardner and Tribute to Mary B. Maschal

Womens Museum of California

Chairman Heng-Tzu Hsu
Trailblazing Shaper of Taiwan: Sports, TV, Organic Farms, Policy

Velina Hasu Houston, Ph.D.
World Renown Playwright

Lucy C. Lin
International Vocal and Musical Arts

Mary E. Lyons Ph.D.
Rhetorician, Educator, Community Leader

Patricia West Del Ruth and Thomas A. Del Ruth, ASC
Pioneers in Cinema Arts

David Straus
Premier Architect of San Antonio's River Walk / Paseo del Rio

And Down from Hollywood and Here in San Diego...

June Foray
Legendary Animation Vocal Artist

Mary Cain Youngflesh
Face of Rosie the Riveter in 1942, Inspiring Millions

Featuring Bel Canto Ensemble from A Touch of Opera Studio led by Lucy C. Lin

including Chinese Dulcimer performance by Weiping Wang

Attire: Black Tie Preferred

This Year's Scholarship Recipients include:
White Rainbow Project (Aiding Widows in India)
Emem Okon (Organizing Women in Nigeria)
Berta Caceres Flores (Human Rights in Honduras)
Little World Community Organization (Crafts Creating Education in Pakistan)

WIC Congratulates the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGS) for their 100th Anniversary
10 Million Girls from 145 Countries: Largest Voluntary Movement Dedicated to Girls and Young Women in the World

To volunteer, please contact WIC Executive Coordinator
Sarah Quincy
: sarah.m.quincy [@] gmail.com

Please support our Education Outreach with your donations or by contributing silent auction items or gift bag fillers.

2012 Living Legacy Award Honorees

Ashley Gardner and Tribute to Mary B. Maschal
Mary B. Maschal (1912-1997) founded the Women's History Reclamation project in 1983, which has grown to become the Women's Museum of California, one of only FIVE museums of women's history in the country. Currently under the leadership of the dynamic Ashley Gardner, former NBC TV host, producer, and Founder Earth Vision Productions. Ms. Gardner served for 11 years on the County Commission on the Status of Women and is now shaping the Women's Museum to be a world center for Women's History.

Heng-Tzu Hsu Maverick Shaper of Taiwan, Heng-Tzu Hsu is one of the premier personalities in Asia for her many roles in government -- alongside the President and VP of Taiwan -- in international sports management (particularly golf), organic tea farming, national television broadcasting, and business leadership. We hope that women around the world follow her inspiring and bold example.

Velina Hasu Houston, Ph.D. Internationally acclaimed playwright of over twenty plays as well as a published poet, essayist, and screenwriter. She published the first anthology of plays by Asian American women. Dr. Houston is a Commissioner for the US Department of State's Japan-US Friendship Commission. In her own words, she is "polytheistic, was educated globally in the kitchens and hearts of immigrant women from around the world, and is of Japanese, Blackfoot Pikuni Native American Indian, and African American heritage with historical ties to India, Cuba, and China."

Lucy C. Lin World renown Coloratura Soprano, Lucy Lin has brought together disparate cultures through music. Her performances have brought her to the Glyndebourne Opera in England, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, and South Africa. In Guam, she regularly hosted a Classical radio program, and in California, she founded the international "Touch of Opera Studio," now based in San Diego, with a history in Guam, Maui, Portland, and San Francisco. Recipient of many international prizes, Ms. Lin exquisitely mixes Asian and Western, traditional with modern, and classical with contemporary in a brilliant multi-cultural celebration of the musical arts.

Mary E. Lyons, Ph.D. Dedicated teacher, professor, rhetorician, administrator and community leader. Dr. Lyons has been an Academic Dean at the Franciscan School of Theology, as well as Rear Admiral in the US Maritime Service, and is currently President of the University of San Diego, a national leader in education that also provides R.A.D., a national program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques taught for women only.

Patricia West Del Ruth and Thomas A. Del Ruth, ASC
Two pioneering personalities in film and television. Ms. Del Ruth has produced Creative Café and Cinema Scene to promote education in the film industry by focusing on many prominent female personalities. She has worked on or in General Hospital, Hill Street Blues, LA Law, Crazy and Quicksilver, among many other credits. Two-time Emmy Award winner, Mr. Del Ruth ASC (whose director father has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame) is most well-known for his innovative cinematography in over 72 films including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Tora Tora Tora!, The Breakfast Club, Stand by Me, The X Files, ER, The Running Man, and The West Wing.

David Straus Premier architect of the River Walk / Paseo del Rio along the historic San Antonio River helping to create harmony between nature and city, benefitting everyone, at what would become the number one tourist destination in Texas, after he added more than 17,000 trees, uniting a sprawling urban center. Accepting on his behalf is General McGonagle.