Women's International Center Living Legacy Awards 2008

2008 Living Legacy Award Honorees

...Carol Channing.........Bonnie M. Dumanis

M.Fenton Gladis
....Rose Marie.....

...Bettina Wolf.......John F. Alksne

.......Claes Nobel.....Lady Bird Johnson

Eleanor Roosevelt...Benazir Bhutto

.........Zona Murray..........

Siu-Fong Evans and
Jing Jing Evans(Lui Guojing)



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Living Legacy Awards


Some Event Photos

WIC MC Carol Hasson WIC Executive Producer Bridget McDonald, Ph.D.

LLA Mother/Daughter Honorees Jing Jing and Siu Fong Evans

LLA Honoree Luawanna Hallstrom, WIC President Gloria Lane, LLA Honoree Claes Nobel

WIC President Gloria Lane and Co-Chair LLA Marianne McDonald, Ph.D.

In Support of Women's International
Center (501c3) Education, Sistership and Service Programs

WIC President Gloria Lane
and CEO Bridget McDonald
Welcome You!
25th Annual
Celebration of Women and Excellence

An Entire Evening Retrospective of the Birth, Growth and Future of WIC
Remembering Past and Current LLA Honorees
Special tribute to those who have passed

Saturday October 11

Joan Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice
University of San Diego

Reception 5 p.m. Black Tie Preferred

Remembering the Past, Planning the Future

Acknowledging, Honoring, Encouraging and Educating Women since 1982

Founder, President Gloria Lane
Sally B. Thornton and Dr. Marianne McDonald, Co-Chairs

The 2008 Living Legacy Awards are Dedicated to:

Former First Lady Lady Bird Johnson

Tribute to Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

Tribute to Gloria Lane

2008 Living Legacy Award Honorees

Carol Channing, Ph.D.
Legendary Actress-HELLO DOLLY-among many memorble roles. Benevolent humanitarian seeking to ensure the Arts in public schools. This is her mission and passion. carolchanning.org

Bonnie M. Dumanis District Attorney San Diego County; the first woman to serve in this position; experienced Federal Prosecutor and law enforcement manager.

Mariah Fenton Gladis, MSSD, QCSW Twenty five year survivor of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease,) Mariah focuses on helping others how to live with a life ending disease without fear. gestaltcenter.com

Rose Marie, Beloved actress,singer, entertainer Famed child star, BABY ROSEMARIE, beloved actress, singer, entertainer, role model for single women.

Zona Murray Community activist, officer and leader in Soroptimist of the Americas. WIC board member and military liaison. Long time member and supporter along with her husband legendary LTGEN Raymond L. Murray, deceased.

Bettina Wolff, Psy.D. and the Artivist Collective Co-Founder and Executive Producer of the Artivist Collective, the first international film festival dedicated to addressing human and animal Rights. artivists.org

Premiere Awards Presentations

In the past we have honored men who were known and respected scientists, physicians and entertainers including Jonas Salk, M.D., Michael E. DeBakey, M.D, Linus Pauling, Ph.D. Frankie Laine and others. We appreciate excellence.

Mother/Daughter Award

Jing Jing Evans (Lui Guojing) and Siu-Fong Evans
Founder of the JING Institute, Siu-Fong is known as the "US Queen of Tai Chi" and is a poet and professor. Second to her mother, Jing Jing has won over 46 gold medals in Tai Chi, was International Athlete of the Year, attended UCSD as a graduate student, and is a performer of the Chinese Zither (GuZheng).
- Siu Fong
sdtaichi.com/jingjingevanst.html - Jing Jing

Dr. Michael E. DeBakey Medical Samaritan Living Legacy Award

John F. Alksne.M.D.
Chief Neurologist and Brain Cancer surgeon, researcher UCSD Medical Center.
He has established an international reputation. ucsd.edu

Jehan Sadat World Peace Living Legacy Award

Claes Nobel
Mr. Nobel is a native of Sweden and a senior member of the Nobel family which has honored scores of world-changing individuals with Nobel Prizes. He is also the Founder of the National Society of High School Scholars and drafted the Nobel Laureates Declaration on the Survival of the Mankind.

This Year's Living Legacy Awards are Dedicated to Two Extraordinary Leaders:

Our Envionmental First Lady
The 2008 Living Legacy Awards are dedicated to a remarkable and universally beloved woman who lived her life bringing grace and beauty to all who knew her or knew about her, Claudia Alta Taylor, better known as LADY BIRD. Wife, mother, grandmother, conservationist, businesswoman, political strategist, writer, philanthropist, First Lady. Lady Bird Johnson held claim to all of those titles and more. All her life, Mrs. Johnson brought beauty to her family, to the Texas Hill Country she loved, and to the nation that loved her. She inspired the passage of the Beautification Act of 1965. Lady Bird Johnson’s legacy lives on in the millions of blooms planted in the nation’s capital, in the sweeping banks of wildflowers lining U.S. highways. Her life with Lyndon Johnson was one of achievement in politics, business and philanthropy. She stayed actively involved in business well into her eighties. Lady Bird Johnson was probably best known for her support and success of her husband’s political career.
After the Johnsons’ White House years ended in 1969, Mrs. Johnson authored A White House Diary and co-authored Wildflowers Across America.
Lady Bird Johnson was loved by millions; her name will live on in the hearts of Americans.

When wildflowers bloom, her legacy lives.
WILDFLOWER Organization wildflower.org

Eleanor Roosevelt
1884 - 1962
Eleanor Roosevelt was always an outspoken heroine of Human Rights. In 1984, Women's International Center was privileged to honor the memory and deeds of this great woman; her son, Elliott, accepted our tribute. Indeed, Eleanor Roosevelt was ''First Lady of the World.''
The world is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was championed by Eleanor Roosevelt and unanimously adopted by the United Nations in 1948. She truly believed in equality and worked to ensure our rights and choices.


And A Special Tribute:

Remembering Benazir Bhutto
The recent assassination of Benazir Bhutto has caused a world-wide groundswell of grief and indignation. Beloved by millions in her native Pakistan and around the world, the former Prime Minister worked tirelessly to bring stability, democracy and peace to her country and her people; she paid the ultimate price in pursuit of equality. She was an empassioned woman who fought for freedom; Benazir Bhutto's legacy will live for generations yet to be born. We had the rare priviledge to honor Prime Minister Bhutto in 1986 at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, D.C. achievement.org